The Curse of the Effective Manager

God help you if your manager doesn’t have your back.

For those familiar with the works of Bob Sutton (Good Boss, Bad Boss, The No Asshole Rule), or the works of Gary Hamel (The Future of Management, What Matters Now) or Daniel Goleman ( Emotional Intelligence, Primal Leadership), you will be acutely aware of how commonplace many destructive and outmoded management practices prevail today. And probably the most disturbing matter for many employees is the lack of support and the absence of a real interest manager’s show toward their employees. Unfortunately, this type of neglect is often coupled with much darker practices such as dishonesty in daily interactions, unfair appraisals and reviews, taking credit for employees work/failing to recognize their work, micro-managing, deliberately mistreating employees to ‘keep employees in their place’. I am uncertain if I’m numb or shocked at the attitude and comments I hear from management when speaking of their employees. Based on numerous worldwide engagement surveys, the hundreds of books I have read on organizations and 22 years of experience, leave me thoroughly convinced that that the chasm between managers and employees is not an isolated problem. The primary source of the divide is how people are continually mismanaged and the lack of humanity on the part of managers to engage with their employees. Unlike Mike Krzyzewski, Duke University and U.S. men’s national basketball team coach, who by asking questions moves the focus away from him and toward his team members, and gets three immediate benefits; he conveys respect, he builds trust, and he gets information”. Wow! If you could move one manager one inch closer to this type of enlightened action…

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