Essential Leadership Behaviors

“ Everyone pays lip service to the idea that leading an organization requires strength of character. Without…emotional fortitude, you can’t be honest with yourself, deal honestly with business and organizational realities, or give people forthright assessments. You can’t tolerate the diversity of viewpoints, mental architectures, and personal backgrounds that organizations need in order to avoid being in-grown. It takes emotional fortitude to be open to whatever information you need, whether its what you like to hear or not.” – Larry Bossidy & Ram Charan

Being able to relate to people in an intuitive empathetic way will enable leaders to develop relationships that impact the bottom line. There is a tremendously practical bottom-line outcome when one share’s their humanness and vulnerability with people. Trust and confidence are built (leaders become approachable), contributing to the individual’s receptivity to the mind of the organization.
Making a personal connection has very little to do with style. It is not about being charismatic or a good salesperson. Rather, a consistent display of open–mindedness and a positive demeanor, informality and a sense of humor enable the personal connection. A business review, according to Larry Bossidy, should take the form of a Socratic dialog, not an interrogation. (Some corporations have adopted an interrogative culture, which can only be exhausting for those employees.) David Llewewlyn Samuels

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