Above all else, people want to believe in their leaders, trusting their words, seeing a match between their words and behavior. According to Rob Goffee, London Business School professor and co-author of Why Should Anyone be led by You, it is unlikely that one will be able to inspire, arouse, execute or motivate people unless one is able to show people who you are, what you stand for, and what you can and cannot do. Pam Alexander, CEO of Alexander Ogilvy Public Relation Worldwide believes relationships are more important than ever. To build trust, she suggests investing constantly in ones relationships. “Don’t sweat ROI, help people whether or not they can return the favor.”

The ability to create trust collapses time in building relationships. The need to build relationships is overlooked at the individual leaders peril. It could be concluded that, if trust does not exist, then that leader really cannot be leading. To build trust it is necessary to fight a battle together, or at least, go through some difficult situation together. It is also necessary for an individual to open him or herself up about who they are – to share professional and personal success, and failure. Joseph Berardino, former CEO of Anderson Worldwide says, “I think leaders who do not make themselves vulnerable to their people, can’t effectively lead because people aren’t going to think you are real.”