Build Talent

Once the talent has been acquired, it is equally critical to build that talent. People are the key to the organizations present and future success. It is to the organizations advantage to know the talent in the organization, know what needs to be done to help each person develop, and understand the priority of developing particular talent, so that business goals can be met. Successful managers know what’s important to their people and keep and eye on emerging issues. Consider below some alternative ideas for developing a talent model.

􏰀 Pursue and attract talented candidates for key roles.
􏰀 Promote the organization externally as an attractive place to work.
􏰀 Improve the interviewing process.
􏰀 Help new employees be successful.
􏰀 Apply knowledge of what motivates employees in order to retain key talent.
􏰀 Share roles and assignments in ways that leverage and develop people’s capabilities.
􏰀 Identify required capabilities and skill gaps with the current organization area.
􏰀 Provide feedback, coaching, and guidance.
􏰀 Promote sharing of expertise and a free flow of learning across the organization.